PRATT Racing

The best sailor should win, and for the vast majority there is nearly always someone ‘better’ than you in every race. Okay so you practice and improve and get better! For the average club sailor who may sail only once a week this can take quite some time and maybe they are just not going to improve much for whatever reason. What you really don’t want is for them to lose enthusiasm and sail less. There are plenty of races for the super stars to shine, what about the back of the fleet sailor?

PRATT or (Personal Rating Against Time Taken) Racing works like this…..Each entrant is given a PRATT number and is based on:

  • How long you have been sailing
  • What standard you can sail a Laser
  • How old your boat is
  • How successful a racer you have been
  • Age & Fitness
  • PLUS any other criteria we decide to implement (e.g bad hair)

After each race the results are painsteakingly calculated. The first 3 places have a minute added to their PRATT number. The bottom 3 have minute deducted. Points are awarded depending on your position in the amended results and the number of Lasers taking part in the race.

The handicaps each week mean the people at the back score higher points.

Work our your PRATT handicap in the PRATT’O’METER below.